driftglass vs. SPECTRUM

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If nothing changes, in the future, this is what the spectrum of political opinion as presented by the corporate media will looks like.

On the "Right", unrepentant Trump lackeys.

On the "Left", unreconstructed Bush Regime Dead Enders who are fundamentally soft and weak and prefer the dirty work of their depraved politics to be discretely jobbed out to Lee Atwater or Rick Wilson or Karl Rove of Rush Limbaugh and not flaunted in all it's bloody, racist splendor on the White House lawn.

The prestigious job of moderating these puppet shows will be left to hard-core Both Siderists, whose eyes will be dewy with nostalgia for the Good Old Days of Gorge W. Bush --
George W. Bush reminds us how decent leaders sound
--  and which the Beltway manufactures --
‘Americans are Being Held Hostage and Terrorized by the Fringes’
An exit interview with the American Enterprise Institute’s Arthur Brooks.

And we Liberals on the actual Left? 

As far as the corporate media is concerned, outside of Rob Reiner in old reruns of All in the Family, we wont exist at all. 

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