Donald Trump, ratings loser

Donald Trump, ratings loser

by digby

The babbling president last night:

President Donald Trump took aim at the Me Too movement once again on Wednesday night, saying he wasn’t allowed to utter certain phrases because they were no longer politically correct.

Trump, speaking at a rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, was reflecting on his election nearly two years ago and spoke about winning Pennsylvania in the 2016 presidential race. He said that for many years Republicans had been unable to capture those electoral college votes, and then he said there was an expression he wanted to use to describe the state, but he had to censor himself because the media was present.

“Every Republican thinks they are going to win Pennsylvania, but I got it. I’d use an expression, you know there’s an expression, but under the rules of Me Too I’m not allowed to use that expression anymore, I can’t do it,” Trump said. “It’s the ‘person’ that got away.”

What did he want to say --- grab em by the pussy?

Actually, he seems to be saying that PC means he can't say "the man that got away" which is just ... weird. It's also a lyric that's probably unfamiliar to everyone but his voters over 80. (Theatre people would probably know it, but they don't vote for Trump.)

Apparently, Fox is no longer showing his rallies in full because they are ratings death.

I think that says something, don't you?