Do the Republicans believe in winning by any means necessary? lol.

By any means necessary

by digby

Asking David Bossie if doing something to help the GOP win is worth it "at any cost" is kind of hilarious. There is nothing on this earth he wouldn't do to win. He is a ruthless political assassin and I would not be surprised if he's putting together oppo on the Roy Moore accusers right now.

Via Raw Story:

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade called out Citizen United President David Bossie after he asserted that Alabama Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore must win even though he is accused of molesting underage girls.

During a Wednesday interview on Fox & Friends, Kilmeade asked Bossie if President Donald Trump had done the right thing by endorsing Moore.

“Absolutely,” Bossie replied. “We have to win this Senate race.”

“At any cost?” Kilmeade interrupted.

“Well, I don’t know what that means, Brian,” Bossie snapped. “But I think that the cost of this election of having a liberal Democrat who is for open borders and for gun confiscation and for abortion on demand is not what the people of Alabama want.”

“I think that tax reform becomes endangered if we lose a Senate seat,” he added.

“The Young Republicans say, ‘I’m not voting for him,'” Kilmeade interrupted again. “The GOP doesn’t support him, [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell doesn’t support him. So, it’s the lesser of two evils?”

“The people of Alabama get to vote,” Bossie remarked, curbing his defense of Moore. “And I think that’s the important takeaway is that the people of Alabama have the next couple of weeks to decide.”