Dispatch from the Chained-CPI trail: it’s not looking good

Dispatch from the Chained-CPI trail

by digby

Watch Speaker Pelosi do a very fancy pas de deux around the Chained-CPI in response to a constituent's question:

This is obviously going to take more than polite questions. It's probably going to take some very serious in-your-face Tea Party style confrontation and some civil disobedience. She clearly doesn't take the opposition to this seriously and figures they'll get away with it. Unless they get some serious blowback from constituents they'll all make some gestures and shake their fists but in the end they'll do it because it's always considered the easier path for liberals to back their president than oppose him because liberals don't fear their constituents. (Maybe they should...)

At this point I'm afraid that the best we can hope for is that the Republicans are so offended by Pelosi's lugubrious endorsement of Obama's brilliant liberal budget that they can't muster enough of them to even hang this thing around the Democrats' necks and light it on fire. So pass it around.