Devin Nunes: Super Crime Solving Guy

Devin Nunes knows where the WMD are.

Devin Nunes promises that the coup is in the mail.

Devin Nunes has located the "Whitey Tape".

Devin Nunes has compelling evidence (which he cannot share with you for reasons of national security) that Hillary Clinton hired Ted Cruz's father to kill Vince Foster.

Kenyan Birth Certificates?  Devin Nunes has a crate full of them.

Devin Nunes has finally translated the rest of the Whitewater documents.  It''s a cookbook!

Devin Nunes' discovery that Solyndra sold Death Panels will rock this country to its foundations.

Devin Nunes has an audio recording of Johnny Cash confessing that he shot a man in Reno.  And you'll never guess why!

Devin Nunes is the hero the Republican Party deserves.

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