Destroy All Monsters

I know the fix we're in.  And I understand fully that it is going to take years just to get climb out of the massive crater the Republicans will leave behind once they are driven from power, just as I understand -- as I'm sure you do -- that every inch of progress we will try to make rebuilding all that they have destroyed will be fanatically opposed by the same rump battalion of die-hard, rage-drunk party of bigots and imbeciles who wrecked the place to begin with.

However, even knowing how hard the road ahead is I could not overlook the sheer comedic value of the sight of Republican (or born-again "Independents") each trying to stake a claim to a moral high ground while stands chin-deep in a river of their own bullshit from Media-ite
Matt Schlapp and Matt Dowd Get in Fierce Twitter Spat: ‘You Have No Principles’

American Conservative Union chair Matt Schlapp and ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd––both Bush 43 alumni––got in a bit of a personal feud on Twitter earlier tonight after Dowd called Schlapp out.

You may remember that controversy last week over one official’s racial insult at CPAC aimed at former RNC Chair Michael Steele. Steele was incensed and confronted Schlapp directly, expressing bewilderment about how part of Schlapp’s response to was to point out his criticisms of the GOP.

And with Schlapp still facing questions about it this week, Dowd weighed in by taking Steele’s side...
Matt Schlapp, who thinks Donald Trump is the greatest leader since Marcus Aurilais partly because he is a soulless Republican dung-peddler and partly because his wife has been Trump's  Director of Strategic Communications since last September 2017...

...crossing Twitter swords with the Fundamentally Ridiculous Matthew "Both Sides Do It!  K'rupt Duopoly" Dowd... defense of Michael Steele, who lies so glibly and automatically about the nature and trajectory of the party for which he has so loyally stooged for the past 41 years that he deserves his own Xfinity commercial:

Not one of these goof has any business anywhere near a credulous public who might accidentally take them seriously.

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