David Brooks: Many Sainted Men


Yadda yadda.

Then Both Sides!
The younger generations are more radical, on left and right. The rising political tendencies combine lavish spending from the left with racially charged immigrant restrictions from the right.
Then more yadda yadda.

And then the inevitable question.  The same question.  The apparently eternal fucking question. Why does The New York Times continue to pay David Brooks to write the same, trite, toxic Both Siderist piffle over and over again, decade after decade?

For the answer, we turn today to The Alienist Season 1 Episode 7: "Many Sainted Men"
Let me tell you how this city is run, you stupid Mick. We serve the rich, and in return, they raise us above the primordial filth. And God help us if we don't keep up our end of the bargain.
There is no real mystery here.  Keeping Mr. Brooks on The New York Times payroll is part of the ancient bargain.  The role he and those like him play in our long, national nervous breakdown is to tell the rich the fairy tales they wish to believe.  Over and over and over again.

And if this seems ludicrous and dangerous to you, remember that, in their eyes, we are the primordial filth which the Beltway Elite and their billionaire patrons were put on this Earth by God Almighty to rise above.

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