Conor Lamb gets positraction by @BloggersRUs

Conor Lamb gets positraction

by Tom Sullivan

With 100 percent of precincts reporting in yesterday's congressional special election south and west of Pittsburgh, Democrat Conor Lamb holds a 579 vote edge over Republican state representative Rick Saccone. As of this writing, no comment from the president's Twitter account. Donald Trump won the district by 20 points just 16 months ago.

Absentee and provisional votes have yet to be counted in PA-18. The number of absentee ballots remaining late last night in Allegheny County in the Pittsburgh suburbs were expected to favor Lamb, where the Democrat held an advantage. An unknown number of provisional ballots could take a week to count.

But Lamb declared victory just after midnight, Introduced to his supporters "Congressman-elect Conor Lamb," Lamb declared, "It took a little longer than we thought, but we did it." The results are not official.

If anyone knows every vote matters besides Lamb and Saccone, it is Daily Kos writer Adam Bonin of Philadelphia. Bonin spun out a "super-nerdy" series of tweets last night noting that with much of the vote done via touch screen machines, a recount won't change much. Absentee and provisional ballots could.

In a very tough district for Democrats, one considered "Trump country," Democrats erased a 20-point Republican advantage and may win this race, even if by a hair. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the PA-18 is that, as Alex Seitz-Wald observed, there are many more out there that, in theory, could be an easier lift for Democrats in November. Democrats need 24 seats to reclaim the House.

As for Saccone, if declared the loser by the Board of Elections (if not by the president), Bonin writes:

The motivation, momentum, and "positraction" are with the Democrats'.

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