Concerned citizens, start your engines: it’s time to do something

Concerned citizens, start your engines

by digby

This is just the beginning of activity planned to protest the proposed Grand Bargain cuts. Let's hope it's not the last. This one's sponsored by Move-On:

Stop Social Security cuts petition delivery

On Thursday, April 25, as part of our "emergency mobilization to protect Social Security," we're delivering hundreds of individual petitions that MoveOn members created to protect Social Security. We'll show up at congressional offices at noon local time, deliver petitions and send a strong message: "We won't support Social Security cuts or any politician who votes for them."

Click here for more information about how to find an action in your area. I put in mine and found half a dozen of them so they're definitely happening. If there isn't one, you can put it together yourself.

This is happening tomorrow and I know that many of you work and won't be able to attend. But if you're a student and can get away, you should do it. These cuts will hit you hard in any number of ways and believe me it may not sound like much at the moment, but when you get older you'll regret not fighting harder to keep this program strong. Also too, your parents and grandparents.

If you're retired, obviously you should do this. It will affect you, regardless of what they say. The Chained-CPI will be scheduled to kick in right away. It may not make much of a difference in your checks in the near term, but before long you'll notice it. (And unlike the kids, you are very attuned to how fast time flies, amirite?)

Any of the rest of you who can get away to do this, please do it. I know it seems like a long shot that they'll get away with it, but it's extremely important to exert pressure right now and keep it up as long as this hideous offer from the president remains out there.

Keep in mind that everyone says the gun bill died at least partially because of the intensity gap --- the gun nuts just mustered more energy to defeat it. It matters.

Click here to find your local Move-On action.

Oh, and do this too, if you can.