Comedy Gold from a Very Serious Person

Comedy Gold from a Very Serious Person

by digby

The limits of austerity:

Striking statements were made by one of Europe's most powerful men on Monday night, when European Commission President José Manuel Barroso said the strict austerity measures thus far imposed on the EU's beleaguered economies may have reached their political limits.

Although this policy is "fundamentally right," it has nevertheless "reached its limits," he told a conference in Brussels. "A policy, to be successful, not only has to be properly designed, it has to have the minimum of political and social support," he added.

Lest you think that this signals a change in thinking based upon the clear evidence that they've totally cocked up everything, Atrios offers the translation:

A policy which increased prosperity and caused much less economic suffering would be wrong, but have more support.

There have been a few VSPs and institutions that have rethought their belief in the cleansing and purifying ritual of human sacrifice (notably the IMF) but for the most part the only thing they seem to be worried about now is that they've "purges so much rottenness" that the plebes might just start rebelling.