by digby

I'm going to guess that most of my readers don't watch Fox News. Why would you? It's a propaganda network. But I urge you to watch at least the first five minutes of Yesterday's Fox and Friends to get a sense of what the Republicans, including your president, listen to every day.

Geraldo: I'm holding my breath and waiting for the group I call the collusionistas to apologize to Donald Trump for a year of fabricated stories based on wishful thinking and really lazy research, they have slandered the president and you know I wonder now what Msnbc and CNN are going to do, are they going to have huge gaps in their programming now that this whole collusion myth has been exposed.I think they really do owe the president an apology.

Fox news host: But Geraldo, they say the the investigation is just going to keep going. When do we just stop this? We already know they started the investigation, no collusion. We now have, no collusion affirmed in the indictment, by the way confirmed by Dianne Feinstein and Clapper. So when is this gonna end?

Geraldo: That's an excellent question. Now what's of interest to me is that these 13 Russian who were indicted, there is no allegation that they were having anything to do with any knowing American. There were some unwitting Americans who were duped by the Riussians. So that evenue of investigation is at a dead end. So where does that particular one end?

He goes on to say that Manafort and Flynn have nothing to do with the president of the United States.

And then there's this, which the president clearly saw yesterday morning:

Geraldo: This distraction is worrying ... you wonder how many agents have been taken off the duty of investigating terror and domestic terror, and I submit to you that what happened at Parkland School was terror, how many of the good agents have been taken off to follow these political dead ends? ...

It goes on with more nonsense about "elitists" wanting Trump to be the Manchurian Candidate and it's time for the mainstream media nad the Democrats to admit they made a mistake. I urge you to watch a few minutes of it just to get a flavor of what we're up against.

This is what Trump is obsessively watching every day. It's the highest level of intellectual engagement he's capable of.

And it gets even worse:

This is what Trump's supporters in official Washington are sayiung and it's what his base believes.