Cohen, Oligarchs and the white nationalists

Cohen, Oligarchs and the white nationalists

by digby

I'm sure you've all read everything about Michael Cohen's secret slush fund full of millions of dollars from corporations and Russian oligarchs but if you haven't I recommend this to get you started.

This is a new twist that I fined just amazing. One of the firms involved in closely tied to a major Russian oligarch with ties to the Kremlin and the man Manafort owes 20 milloion dollars Oleg Deripaska. They deny that he has any ties to this company owned by his American cousin but he even attended the inauguration.

Anyway, I found this little tid-bit from Think Progress fascinating:

Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti revealed Tuesday that Columbus Nova, a company based in New York, had funneled some $500,000 to Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen. Avenatti suggested that the money may have helped cover the $130,000 spent on keeping Daniels quiet about her alleged affair with Trump.

While Columbus Nova claims it has never been “owned by any foreign entity,” it was recently listed as a subsidiary of Renova — a Russia-based conglomerate run by sanctioned oligarch Viktor Vekselberg.

However, the revelations aren’t limited solely to news about a Russia-linked company sending substantial sums to the president’s lawyer. As NBC reported Wednesday morning, Columbus Nova also spent 2016 and 2017 registering a number of websites aimed at young white supremacists, or members of the so-called “alt-right.”

Among the URLs registered were domains like,,, and Some of the domains, like and, were registered in late August 2016 — just a few months before the American election — while others, like, were created in August 2017.

alt-right (dot) co
alternate-rt (dot) com
alt-rite (dot) com
(7 other variations on that theme)

Plus these!
1-800getalife (dot) com
carlcuck (dot) com
cnnjournal (dot) com …

However, a number of the domains were registered with a specific Columbus Nova email address that appears to belong to a Columbus Nova employee named Frederick Intrater.

It is unclear how, or if, Frederick Intrater is related Columbus Nova CEO Andrew Intrater — who is Vekselberg’s cousin — but on his LinkedIn profile, Frederick Intrater lists himself as the Design Manager at Columbus Nova. CorporationWiki also lists Frederick Intrater as the “coordinator of marketing” for “Renova Unitedstates Management.”

Frederick Intrater did not respond to ThinkProgress’ request for comment via phone and email.

There are other, non-white supremacist sites also registered via Columbus Nova accounts. Many of the links are dead or don’t have anything on their sites. At least one, however — registered at — reroutes directly to, a site that now has nothing on it.

However, according to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, belonged to Frederick Intrater through at least March of this year, highlighting his design skills.

It remains unclear why Columbus Nova or Frederick Intrater would have been interested in registering sites aimed at young white supremacists. However, as ThinkProgress found earlier Wednesday, it wouldn’t be the first time Columbus Nova has attempted to distance itself from scandal — only to be tripped up by material online.

This nexus of white supremacy and Russian influence is where this story has significance on a global scale. The emergence of a hard right nationalism, pushed by certain actors (Russia especially) is  the undertow on everything we're experiencing right now.