Claude Rains, please come to the white courtesy phone

Claude Rains, please come to the white courtesy phone

by digby

I don't know about you but I am shocked, I tell you , shocked about this:

Following the attack, Slide Fire, a company that manufactures Bump Stocks, posted on its website the approval letter it received from ATF in 2010 allowing it to sell the devices. Since the letter was posted, several conservative outlets — and eventually the NRA — have pushed the fact that the device was approved during the Obama years.

And they’re all correct — but Slide Fire appears to have misled the agency about the intended purpose of producing bump stocks.

In the approval letter, ATF writes, “Your letter advises that the stock…is intended to assist persons whose hands have limited mobility to ‘bump-fire’ an AR-15 rifle.”

Wednesday about the approval of the bump stocks, which he said the ATF approved because they’re “a piece of shit,” but also noted that the inference in Slide Fire’s application was that the device would be used to help disabled veterans.

“[This] has nothing to do with wounded vets,” Chipman said. “It’s a total scam.”

But conservative outlets — and now the NRA — have run with the talking point anyway.

I think we've found the answer to this particular issue. As it was always intended, bump stocks will be legal only for veterans disabled with hand injuries.

Can we move along to legalizing silencers and getting reciprocal open carry done now.  After all, the NRA has been ever so cooperative. Don't they deserve a little something in return?