Chuck Todd Is God Damn Sick Of All The God Damn Both Siderism Goin’ On ‘Round Here!

Of course you know there this is going.

From me, less than two years ago...

From the Today Show:

And Michael Steele -- whose role in the Republican Party was explained eloquently by Malcolm X here -- loves some false equivalence for breakfast, lunch and supper more than Paula Deen loves butter

But nowhere was the Big Beltway Both Sides Lie more in evidence than on the once-respectable Christopher L. Hayes teevee show where the con-artist formerly known as the Southern Avenger took the floor to explain that the best way to deal with the white supremacists who have taken over the Party of Lincoln was to ignore them, and that (per the video above, h/t Crooks & Liars) all this reckless ginning up of racist rhetoric was the fault of...

...wait for it...

...the Left and the Right!

So if you've ever wondered how in the world every single fucking bigot and gutless "independent" in Christendom all learned to reflexively bark out the identical alibi -- "But Both Sides..." -- every single time another Republican atrocity is laid at their feet, now you know.

They learned by watching teevee.  By reading the newspaper.  By listening to the radio. By hearing the same, despicable like repeated by respectable men and women everywhere.

Because without the Big Beltway Both Sides Lie, the Beltway media would be unable to function. Which is why they have to work extra hard to manufacture ever more bullshit rationalizations every time reality threatens to derail their morally-bankrupt gravy train.  Which these days is every god damn day.

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