Catastrophic impeachment

Catastrophic impeachment

by digby

Charles Krauthamer believes that impeaching Trump, indeed, doing anything about him at all, would be a terrible betrayal of the people who voted for him and shake their faith in the American system of government:

Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer called the idea of impeaching President Trump "a catastrophic mistake" on Thursday, warning that there's no evidence Trump has committed a crime. 
"Collusion is unseemly but it ain't a crime," Krauthammer said in an interview with Fox News's Tucker Carlson. 
"You've got a political establishment, mostly Democratic but there are some Republicans, that would like to see him taken out of office." 
"I think that would be a catastrophic mistake," he added.
Krauthammer warned that impeaching Trump would cause millions that voted for him to question the stability of American democracy. 
"It would cause a rupture in the country where people would say, 'when we people, the ones who have been abandoned elect someone we like, our guy gets taken out? 
I thought we had a stable democracy,'" he said.

He stressed that he doesn't defend Trump, but only thinks that impeachment is a mistake. 

"Again, I think he's unfit," Krauthammer said, "but that's not the grounds for removal."

"If you think a man is unfit, you vote against him," Krauthammer added. "But you don't remove him from office. And that's where I'm afraid we are headed, given the forces that surround the president."

He didn't seem too worried about the people who voted for Bill Clinton losing faith in democracy when they impeached him over a personal affair. But then a president who lies every single day everything being impeached for colluding with a foreign government and obstructing an investigation into that collusion is nothing compared to lying about unauthorized fellatio.

His voters are very special you see. They are "the ones who have been abandoned" so we need to be very careful not to do anything to upset them. Like uphold the constitution.

And certainly a president being elected under these dubious circumstances says nothing about the stability of our democracy. Let's pretend it didn't happen.

It's not as though there's anything at stake here. An unfit president suspected of being involved with a foreign adversary, totally in over his head, making the world more dangerous by the day is completely unimportant compared to the sensitive feelings of Trump voters. Let's just move along and hope he doesn't get a bunch of people killed before the next election.

Because stability.