CA-17: Gavin Newsom Picks Ro Khanna over Mike Honda

Ro Khanna & Jeremy Bird EventLG breaks ranks with Democratic Leaders

by Brian Leubitz

In a move that boosts the campaign of CA-17 Democratic challenger Ro Khanna and simultaneously promotes his Citizenville book, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom endorsed Ro Khanna.

I'm proud to support Ro. I know he will govern from a place of courage and authenticity. He has many innovative ideas to grow California's economy and to apply technology to make government better for all his constituents. (h/t Josh Richman)

Most of the Democratic establishment, including Khanna's former boss, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and many members of the state Congressional delegation, has already endorsed Rep. Mike Honda. But this endorsement gets some attention for the former SF Mayor and may be able to push the former Commerce dept. official's fledgling campaign off the ground.