Bringing a Dish Rag to Nuclear War by tristero

Bringing a Dish Rag to Nuclear War 

by tristero

Chuck Grassley on Sunday:

“I hope the battle cry of Republicans for the next 30 days will be ‘Remember Kavanaugh,’” said Senator Charles E. Grassley, the Judiciary Committee chairman, at a Republican dinner Sunday in Iowa. 
But Democrats have even a better strategy to help Republicans win. Instead of making "Remember Kavanaugh" their battle cry, the Dems have decided to fold. It's an absolutely perfect strategy to lose every single election next month.
[T]he terms of the debate have shifted profoundly for Democratic Senate candidates.
From North Dakota and Missouri to Montana and Tennessee, they have been trying to localize races, either ignoring Mr. Trump or highlighting their willingness to work with him while playing down the court fight and emphasizing regional issues. 
In Montana, Senator Jon Tester and his allies have been assailing his Republican opponent, Matt Rosendale, a Maryland native, as an East Coast real estate developer. In Missouri, Senator Claire McCaskill has taken every chance to highlight the Ivy League and law professor background of her challenger, Josh Hawley. 
At the same time, Phil Bredesen, the Democratic Senate nominee in Tennessee, has done just about everything he can to distance himself from national Democrats. He has spent much of his campaign talking about his tenure as governor and as Nashville’s mayor, and even tried to inject the invasion of Asian carp in the state’s waterways as an issue in the race. 
And Ms. Heitkamp has portrayed herself as a champion of North Dakota’s farmers and ranchers, recording ads of herself standing in knee-high soybean fields. 
Posing with soybeans?? Asian carp??? What the fuck??? And we think Trump is crazy?

And when they all lose — which they surely will with such a weak-kneed strategy — Democratic leaders will take that as proof that Kavanaugh was the reason, not simply that the Democrats' devised a strategy that projected weakness, cowardice, and cluelessness.