Bring me mah smellin’ salts Miss Mellie!

Bring me mah smellin' salts Miss Mellie!

by digby

... that horrible man Mistuh Comey is bein' so rude to that nice President Trump and ah like to faint dead away! -- the Village

Seriously. They are all clutching their pearls because Comey made some rude observations about Trump's looks.  Trump. The nasty piece of shit who did this:

And this (just one of hundreds of slams against women's looks)

Just two of literally thousands of nasty, personal insults this miscreant has publicly hurled at people.

I'm not a defender of James Comey but this is one thing I actually admire him for doing. He's not afraid of that fucking asshole and he's giving him as good as he gets.

This is a preview of what the Villagers will do to any Democrat who tries to fight Donald Trump. They will essentially side with Trump by condemning the person who doesn't stand there and take his crap. It's how the Village works.

Trump's toxic malignancy goes far beyond any personal insults by James Comey. And yet they will equalize it --- or worse, condemn him more because they have normalized Trump to the extent that they don't even really notice his grotesque bullying anymore.  They're just waiting for their chance to be "fair and balanced" and the way they'll do it is by rending their garments at anyone who fights fire with fire.