Breaking: Republican Governor Wins Coveted “Single-Issue Gun Nut” Endorsement

So he's got that going for him.

From the teevee news, but you have to read past the headline --
Rauner talks SIU, tax plan, and re-election
-- to find it:
Tuesday morning, Governor Bruce Rauner received a big endorsement from the Illinois State Rifle Association. While he was in town, News Three talked with him about what he believes voters should know before they head to the polls...
Governor Hedgefund would also like to take this opportunity to let Illinois voters to know that he is "down" (as the kids say) with blaming undocumented immigrants for everything:
"Illegal immigration takes away union jobs, factory jobs, and farm jobs. I have prevented Illinois from becoming a sanctuary state and I have fought against sanctuary cities," said Rauner.  
When you are this far down in the polls, unloved by the party that you bought outright just four years ago, reduced to dodging questions about whether you voted for the leader of your own party, and have a loud, barking dog running to your right --
Conservative party nominee for Illinois governor: Sam McCann
-- you take your lovin' where you can find it.

Meanwhile, my birthday-fundraiser continues...

Behold, a Birthday Fundraiser!