Both Sides Don’t Versus Both Sides Dent

Both Sides Don't


Both Sides Dent

One of these positions -- the Big Lie that somehow the blood-drunk barbarism, racism, and seditious of the Mr. Dent and Mr., Scarborough's Republican Party is the fault of everyone or no one or Both Sides -- has been and remains the near-universal precept of the Beltway Media for decades. 

It seems that anyone, no matter how clownish they may be, can mount an impressive TED-Talk/New York Times/NBC career --

-- by simply repeating this Big Lie over and over and over again.

While those of us who take the opposite position -- that it is self-evidently true that the Republican Party is killing this country, that they have been working on their Kill This Country project right out in plain sight for decades and that media Both Siderists are their enabling henchmen -- continue waging our lonely War on Pronouns as outcasts, held in Coventry by a corporate media system which would rather see the country burn than admit we have been right all along and then do something about it.  

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