Both Siderism Uber Alles

In today's episode, former Wall Street Journal employee and Obvious New York Times Merit Hire (h/t Brother Charlie Pierce), Bari Weiss, uses her magical New York Times powers to Both Sides the shit out of the #MeToo movement:
Not to be outdone, former Wall Street Journal employee and New York Times in-house climate change denier, Bret Stephens, uses his magical New York Times powers to dispense Mulligans for child sexual assault commited under certain, very specific circumstance:

Sensing a rising tide, America's most prominent Gay Tory Catholic True Conservative Public Intellectual Internet Quitter, Andrew Sullivan, swiftely took one more massive bong hit to steel himself for the work ahead, peered owlishly from the slit window of his palatial dorm room high atop the tallest ivory tower in Washington D.C. to see what he could see, and quickly got to work writing a Column of Urgent Warning on the Dangers of the Dirty Commie Liberal menace lurking on every college campus in American.

Or rather re-writing the same bullshit Column of Urgent Warning on the dirty Commie Liberal menace which has already written a dozen, dozen times.

This time Mr. Sullivan was prompted by some African-American woman somewhere who finally told him to shut the fuck up and peddle his myopic privileged twaddle elsewhere:
I was at an event earlier this week — not on a campus — when I made what I thought was the commonplace observation that Jim Crow laws no longer exist. Uncomprehending stares came back at me. What planet was I on? Not only does Jim Crow still exist, but slavery itself never went away! When I questioned this assertion by an African-American woman, I was told it was “not my place” to question her reality. After all, I’m white.
Of course, Mr. Sullivan doesn't doubt that our nation's child-like wimmin and the colored folk are well-intentioned --
Look: I don’t doubt the good intentions of the new identity politics — to expand the opportunities for people previously excluded. 
but Marxism! 
But what we have now is far more than the liberal project of integrating minorities. It comes close to an attack on the liberal project itself. Marxism with a patina of liberalism on top is still Marxism
Which is according to Mr. Sullivan just as bad (here it comes) as the authoritarian racism and misogyny of President Stupid and his party of bigots and imbeciles who now run the entire federal government:
...and it’s as hostile to the idea of a free society as white nationalism is.
And he sticks the landing!

So just how knee-walking stupid was this iteration of Mr. Sullivan's go-to "Campus Marxist Speech Codes are the Real Danger" screed?

So stupid that Joe Scarborough raised up Andrew Sullivan as a Man For Our Times.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what money and media inbreeding has done to our national discourse.

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