Bluehost: Recommended Web Hosting For Bloggers and Designers

The first time I started a blog I spent several days researching about what web hosting is most suitable for me, and several websites say that Bluehost is their most recommended web hosting service. In my two years in the business I’ve been with several web hosts. All of them are good hosts, I can attest to that, but when it comes to credibility and reliability and speed, especially for people who are looking to host their very first website, Bluehost takes the trophy.

You might be saying, “no way it’s that good, I’ve read reviews!” Well, have you read mine? The truth is, no web hosting service is flawless, every single one of them has flaws, but what matters is how they deal with it and how little of an inconvenience it brings to their clients.

I will tell you why Bluehost is the best web hosting service for people who are new in this kind of thing. Whether you are a designer or a developer who wants to start a blog just like 1stwebdesigner or simply host your own portfolio professionally, or a budding blogger looking forward to starting a blog, you will find Bluehost the only hosting service you will ever need!

Although 1stwebdesigner is not hosted in Bluehost, we can attest that it is simply awesome based on reviews, personal stories from people we know who are on Bluehost for several years now. What is the reason why we’re not on Bluehost, you ask? Simply because our needs have been too much that we had to go for a VPS.

Why So Much Love For Bluehost?

1. Unlimited Deals- you might think there is no such thing…think again!

Bluehost provides dozens of tools and features for you to build a successful website or blog. The best part is that all these tools come free with your hosting account! With a Bluehost account, you get unlimited hosted websites and domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited emails, 24/7 professional on-site monitoring, advanced CPUD resource protection, and much more!

2. Amazing for WordPress – even recommends Bluehost!

An organization like that is so reputable and widely known recommends Bluehost. If you are looking to start a website or a blog, chances are you will be using WordPress as your CMS. What more can you ask for when the people behind WordPress recommends Bluehost? Take 1stwebdesigner and’s words and you’ll never look for another web hosting service!

You don’t need to code to get your WordPress site started, it’s as easy as a single click. And their knowledge base is so robust that you wont be lost.

Another easy thing about Bluehost is that their interface is more friendly than 80% of existing web hosts.

3. Topnotch Customer Service and Video Tutorials

In-house experts are available 24/7 via phone, email, and chat to help you anytime you need! With the team based entirely out of Bluehost’s U.S. headquarters, only real-life, human help is ever offered. And hold times average less than 30 seconds to offer the best help fast.

Can’t figure something out? Want to learn more SEO and how it can help more people find your blog? Ever wonder how a website works? Bluehost has created a library of click-by-click tutorials and educational videos to answer most frequently asked questions!

4. 100% Uptime – whether you’re awake or asleep, Bluehost is working tirelessly

You will see a lot of web hosts advertising that they have 100% uptime, when in truth it’s just probably 99% or fewer. I’ve had friends who, when they were still blogging, experienced zero downtime with Bluehost, save for the rare occasions when their website was offline by just a couple of seconds. Truth be told, I have experienced downtimes that spanned from 1 minute to 6 hours, and with Bluehost rest assured that IF a downtime happens, it’s only a matter of seconds, not minutes.

This is the reason why Bluehost receives 20,000 new sign-ups monthly and now they are serving MILLIONS of domains for satisfied clients.

Bluehost also has one of the highest retention rate in the industry. Meaning, almost every client they have had stayed with them for years without transferring to a different host. This is what you’re looking for, a place where you can build your website flawlessly. Believe me, transferring your website to a different host is a very difficult job, a very tiring one, especially when you’ve been running your website actively for a couple of years.

These are just four reasons out of the many, that hundreds of thousands of Bluehost clients found out that made them stay with Bluehost for years. My suggestion? Go for a web host that will be your website’s home for 2, 5, or even 10 years! And Bluehost does the perfect job for that.

Recommended Web Hosting? Of course it’s Bluehost!