Biff Tannen’s great adventure

Biff Tannen's great adventure

by digby

Trump told the world leaders not to retaliate AND HE MEANT IT.

Trump is the Emperor of the world (well, maybe except for Vlad) and these other leaders had better learn to kiss the ring. He WILL be obeyed.

Actually, he's a dumb bully who can dish it out but he can't take it.

And his chief economic adviser needs to lay off the Molson or the Nyquil or whatever he's on.

If what he's trying to do is create an impression that Trump is tough, whining like a little baby on TV about how our own neighbor didn't play along with the ruse isn't gettying the job done. Does he think the North Koreans can't hear what he's saying?

Apparently, Trump thinks this is all a reality show in which the "script" calls for America's allies to take his shit in public so that Kim Jong Un will be impressed by his big, beautiful hands. He doesn't seem to realize that other world leaders have their own audiences and they don't especially enjoy watching their leaders treated like shit by a dotard.

What a mess.