Bannon losing his mojo already? Say it ain’t so…

Bannon losing his mojo already? Say it ain't so...

by digby

One potential benefactor says no go:

Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, the GOP’s most prominent megadonor, is publicly breaking with former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon over his efforts to oust Republican incumbents in 2018.

“The Adelsons will not be supporting Steve Bannon’s efforts,” said Andy Abboud, an Adelson spokesman. “They are supporting Mitch McConnell 100 percent. For anyone to infer anything otherwise is wrong.”

The public pronouncement comes about a month after Adelson met with Bannon in Washington.

Bannon has been huddling with major Republican contributors across the country in hopes of building a war chest to take on party lawmakers. Bannon aides said they were not surprised by the news, given that Adelson has a long track record of generously backing establishment causes. They said they never expected Adelson’s financial support.

The former White House chief strategist appeared before the Zionist Organization of America's annual dinner on Sunday night. ZOA is heavily funded by Adelson.

This was always a heavy lift for Bannon what with him running the platform for the blatantly anti-Semitic "alt-right." Adelson doesn't seem like a good bet to join up with guys who do Hitler salutes and march with torches shouting "Jews will not replace us." It's kind of amazing that Bannon showed up at this event at all and the fact that they didn't kick him out is puzzling.

Today it's reported that Bannon and his boys are considering abandoning their Christian right mascot, Roy Moore due to all the negative publicity stemming from all that stalking and assaulting of women under age girls. That's not confirmed though. They might just stick with him. After all Bannon is the one who told Trump to hang in after he was caught on tape saying he grabbed women by the pussy and nearly a dozen came forward to say he'd done it to them. And he's the president today...