Bad faith should not be rewarded with the benefit of the doubt

Bad faith should not be rewarded with the benefit of the doubt

by digby

Hey, remember that time Chuck and Nancy and Lindsey and Donald all got together to fix DACA and provide funding for Ann Coulter's wall? And remember when they struck that deal and everyone was celebrating this new era of bipartisan comity until Stephen Miller and John Kelly told Trump he was being a great big wuss puss so he ostentatiously tore up the deal and told the whole group to go to hell? Yeah, I figured you'd remember that.

Well, now he's blaming Democrats for failing to pass a bill out of the House that doesn't need any Democratic votes. (It won't pass because Trump's buddies in the Freedom Caucus don't think it causes enough pain and agony.) And now we have fatuous fools like GOP Congressman Michael McCaul backing him up for the benefit of idiot Trump voters who watch Fox when asked if Trump is off base with his blame game:

"Well, I think our family needs to come together, but the fact is every Democrat voted against a very rational DACA fix. They've been talking about DACA for a year now, and we had a bill on the floor that would resolve this issue, legalize the DACA kids, and yet every one of them voted against that. I don't think that's operating in good faith either.

And I also think it's important on the border security piece — I've been doing this since I was a federal prosecutor in Texas to chairman of this committee — to deliver on the President's campaign promise, to build the wall, the technology and get the border secure."

Sorry. These Republicans made this toxic, poisonous bed and they have to lie in it. The bill in questions would have curbed legal immigration, given DACA recipients a temporary reprieve so that Trump can hold the futures of 800 thousand kids over their heads as a weapon, and funded his stupid goddamned wall. And he probably wouldn't have signed it anyway.

This is all police state crapola and Democrats are doing the right thing by resisting the urge to "negotiate" with the cheating conman in the White House again.