Bad Day At Galt’s Gulch

One thing that came shining through loud and clear in 2016 was that if you wanted the dudebros to get on board you'd damn well better be down with free college and legal weed.

Stripping tens of millions of Americans of their health insurance?


A $12 national minimum wage?

$15 or nothing, Hitler!



It was a long list.

In 2016, there was no high quite so exalted and toe-curling as long, deep hits off the purity bong and no buzzkill quite as eye-rollingly Buzz Killington as Hillary Clinton's position on marijuana.  Slow. Cautious.  Let's decriminalize it.  Let's let a few state experiment and see what happens.

So, just like every other issue about which he knew absolutely nothing, all Il Douche had to do to defuse the status of marijuana question was tell his rally goobers "Me too" during one of his incoherent rambles through his rustic opinions about Russia, Mexicans, and Her Emails.

And guess what!  OMG, Il Douche loves Wikileaks too!  I mean, what more could a dudebro ask for?

Because really, isn't Radical Disruption (tm) the only way to finally end the K'rupt Duopoly once and for all and Bring The Revolution (tm)?

And then, several months later (from the WaPo)...
Sessions is rescinding Obama-era directive for feds to back off marijuana enforcement in states with legal pot
You wanted disruption?  From ABC News chief political analyst, Matthew Dowd, in July of 2016:
I’m not surprised actually. I think I was one of the first people to say last summer that I thought Donald Trump was going to be the likely Republican nominee, and people thought I was crazy to say it. At first I didn’t know, but then I realized where the state of the country was. It’s fascinating. It’s concerning. But I actually think it’s reflective of the dissatisfaction with the status quo, which I think is a good thing. I think we’re in a disruptive time in our country anyway, with the economy and everything else, that we need disruption in our politics and in our governance.
Well this is what disruption looks like.

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