Attention Bret Stephens


You apparently missed it  (from Mr. Stephens in the NYT today) --
Now Twitter Edits The New Yorker
The venerable magazine hands the reins to the digital mob.

If speaking truth to power isn’t the ultimate task of publications such as The New Yorker, they’re on the road to their own left-wing version of “Fox & Friends.”
-- but we already debated white supremacy.

The Confederacy lost.

We debated it again.

The Nazis lost.

We debated it yet again.

Jim Crow lost.

But if you really are so cut off from the real world that you believe white supremacy is somehow underrepresented in the public square, I would urge you stop listening to Seven Days to Better Bowling or whatever retro self-help hokum you are using to shape and tone your critical thinking --

-- and instead listen to Conservative Hate Radio or watch Fox News at any time of day or night, anywhere in America, at any point over the last 20 years.

Why do we have keep explaining this shit to you?

Honestly I'm tired of trying, so take it away Margaret Sullivan:
Enough, already, with anything Steve Bannon has to say. We got it the first time.

No one wants a festival of ideas to turn into a cozy chat among like-minded friends. That’s pointless.

But also utterly pointless is the notion that Steve Bannon, President Trump’s former chief strategist, might have something new or valuable to offer.

That’s why it was a thoroughly lousy idea for the New Yorker magazine to offer a high-profile perch — an onstage interview by top editor David Remnick — at next month’s annual festival to the deposed Svengali.

There is nothing more to learn from Bannon about his particular brand of populism, with its blatant overlay of white supremacy.

While we’re at it, there is also nothing more to learn from the die-hard Trump voters in what I’ve called the Endless Diner Series — the media’s recidivistic journeys to the supposed heartland to hear what we’ve heard a thousand times before about blind loyalty in the face of all reason.

There is also nothing more to learn from proven dissemblers, like Kellyanne Conway, who keep being invited onto the top news shows to shamelessly spout whatever falsehood serves the Trumpian moment.

Yes, it’s time, well past time, to stop lending the media’s biggest and most prestigious platforms to this crowd of racists and liars.

PS, shut the hell up, Podhoretz.

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