Answering Christopher Buskirk’s Question by tristero

Answering Christopher Buskirk's Question 

by tristero

On today's printed op-ed page in the NY Times, the far-right commentator Christopher Buskirk asks in an absolutely absurd article:

When they talk about President Trump, why are so many Democratic politicians talking about treason?
Answer: Because Americans who conspired with a foreign power to undermine the integrity of the American election system behaved treasonously. And it's becoming increasingly clear that that is exactly what Trump and so many of his top supporters have done.

Now I have a question for Mr Buskirk:

Your politics aside for a moment, you clearly can neither think nor write with even a smidgeon of coherence or ethics. But assuming you actually believe what you write (a nearly inconceivable possibility but let's just say...), you're merely a stooge for truly dangerous ideologies and people.

So what on earth are you doing with access to some of the most influential editorial real-estate in the world?


Bonus: Mr. Buskirk asked another question:

It’s worth remembering that unlike “high crimes and misdemeanors,” treason is a capital offense. Should we take Mr. Merkley, Mr. Hoyer and Mr. Smith and the others tossing around this most serious accusation at their word? Do they believe that the United States Congress should send Mr. Trump to the scaffold as the British Parliament did to Charles I during the English Civil War?
Answer: No. As Pope Francis recently affirmed, capital punishment is never acceptable. But if evidence beyond a reasonable doubt is presented that Trump and his cronies did commit treason, then jail time commensurate with the offenses is justified.