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America Today

By tristero

This is a true story. Dr. Stanford was on a plane when a woman nearby began to have some kind of episode. The doctor began to help her. A flight attendant questioned Dr. Stanford's credentials: "Are you actually an MD?" Then a second flight attendant did. Then the two asked Dr. Stanford pointed questions: they apparently still didn't believe the medical license that Dr Stanford showed them was real.

Dr. Stanford was African-American. Dr. Stanford was also female. She was carrying the credentials with her because it turns out, her qualifications are often questioned.

Sigh. In an America with a crazy president who has access to nuclear bombs, mass bombers, anti-semitic murderers, and maniac incels, this kind of moral assault on a person's dignity seems less important a social problem. It isn't because, for one thing, it's far more common.

The entire article is worth reading.