All the President’s hallucinations and lies

All the President's hallucinations and lies

by digby

Yes, he actually had this sitting on the conference table in the Cabinet Room for some obscure reason

Your batshit lunatic of a president was really pumped today. Way, way, way too many "diet cokes" (if you know what I mean) this morning. Some highlights:

To all who think this moron is an isolationist, just wait to see what he does if there's a major terrorist attack during his misbegotten reign...

The potted plants sitting next to him to the table all dutifully licked his boots and agreed that Trump's stupid 4th century wall is the only answer to the non-crisis that Trump is ginning up to please his Mistress of the Dark, Ann Coulter.

It's only the first day back and it's already surreal. Drink up.