A sweet little super-hero

A sweet little super-hero

by digby

It's going to be a long week full of the Trump and Rudy show and torture and lying and all the usual horror of this era. So, I thought I'd share a wonderful, good-news story to remind us that the world is not all dark and ugly:

He is faster than a speeding stroller, more adorable than a kitten, and able to get a stranger's attention with a single courtesy. This is America's latest superhero -- and the only superhero with the power to feed the homeless.

By day, Austin Perine is a mild-mannered 4-year-old from Birmingham, Alabama. But once a week, he turns into this alter ego: a superhero set on feeding as many homeless people as possible. He likes to go by the name "President Austin."

"That's his idea of what the president is supposed to do," said TJ Perine, Austin's father. "I was like, buddy, you have no idea, but hey, I'm going along with it."

TJ says this all began when they were watching a TV show about pandas. It showed a mama panda abandoning a baby, and TJ told his son the cub was now homeless.

"He says, 'What's homeless?' I said, 'It's when you don't have a home and sometimes you don't have mom or dad around,'" said TJ.

That's when Austin asked: are people homeless?

Watch the video. It will warm your heart and validate your belief that people are not born with hate in their hearts, they are taught to do it:

Dad seems like a pretty cool guy too. smile