A Putin Primer

A Putin Primer

by digby

Trump's crazy quotes today make me think it's more important than ever that we get to the bottom of the Russia meddling thing. Trump is clearly just covering his own ass and the Republicans obviously believe that Putin is their ally against the Democrats and will do whatever they can to allow Russia to help them win. I find this bizarre since I don't think Vladimir Putin or the Russian government has any greater love or respect for them than they do Democrats and they certainly think Donald Trump is an f-ing moron because well ... he is. So the Republicans' warm embrace of the Russian government interference in our democracy with new methods of propaganda and cyberwarfare is likely to be short-sighted for them.

I suppose if you think that Frontline is fake news, this documentary on Vladimir Putin and the election meddling won't be of interest to you. If, on the other hand, you tend to find their reporting to be dependable and you haven't seen the broadcast I recommend that you watch it if you would like a thorough overview of Putin and the election.

I've posted some excerpts and the whole thing is posted at the end. You can also watch at the Frontline website where there are a bunch of interesting interviews and transcripts.

Here's the whole thing in two parts: