A personal endorsement from me

A personal endorsement from me

by digby

Election day here in California is next week and I know that the ballot is full of choices about offices we know nothing of and many of us probably end up just picking the incumbent or the party or whomever has a good sounding name. I have done that myself, I'm embarrassed to say.

But this election I happen to be related to someone on the ballot here on the Westside of LA and I wanted to give her my personal endorsement. Sydne Jane Michel is my cousin by marriage and is running to be a judge for office number 16, a non-partisan position.

Sydne is a person of high integrity, intelligence and compassion who will balance the needs of the community while respecting the rights of the individual. Yes, she's a prosecutor which probably makes some of my liberal friends worry. But I'll let you in on a secret about Sydne. She started her political life as a serious animal rights activist. She's not a cookie cutter prosecutor. She's an independent thinker who cares about justice for everyone.

Anyway, here's the link to her web-site and a smattering of the endorsements she's received:

"Michel is a seasoned Redondo Beach prosecutor who has the presence to command a courtroom while still respecting the lawyers appearing before her. She is a better choice than [the other two candidates for judicial office No. 16]" - Los Angeles Times, Judicial Endorsements, May 12, 2018

"Sydne Michel will be a true asset to the bench. Based upon her extensive experience as a civil attorney and prosecutor, I am proud to endorse her and to give her my vote." — Hon. Steve Cooley - Former District Attorney for Los Angeles County

“Redondo Beach Senior Deputy Prosector Sydne Jane Michel stands out in this race. Intelligent, poised, and straight-to-the-point, she would excel as a judge.” - Metropolitan News-Enterprise, Los Angeles, May 16, 2018