A lovers quarrel?

A lovers quarrel?

by digby

It appears there may be some trouble in paradise between Trump and his love letter pen pal: 

North Korea threatened on Friday evening to revive nuclear development if the U.S. doesn't lift economic sanctions against the country, the Associated Press reports. 
North Korea did not threaten to walk away from ongoing negotiations with the U.S., but the Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the "improvement of the relations and sanctions is incompatible," per the AP. A professor of North Korea studies at Dongguk University in Seoul, Dr. Koh Yu Whan, told the AP that the threats aren't serious yet, and that North Korea wants "to vent their complaints out loud."
The key to all good relationships is communication so it's important that Kim be allowed to vent and ask for certain considerations.  I'm sure Donald, being such a sensitive and empathetic man, will listen closely and try to meet him halfway. And Kim, being such a reasonable, rational man, will try to do the same. 

It's so nice to see two such mature and rational people working through their relationship problems. After all, they have so much in common:

A new Human Rights Watch report released this week uncovers rampant sexual assault throughout North Korea. 
While it's not entirely surprising that the imbalance of power in North Korea is drastic, the report provides a detailed account of what women face in the country, which the report describes as "endemic." According to HRW, which spoke with 54 North Koreans who left the country after 2011, sexual violence has become a "part of ordinary life."