90 Percent by tristero

90 Percent 

by tristero

That's right, Trump's approval rating is 90 percent as of last week. Among Republicans (scroll down). The week before, it was 87 percent and has been above 80 percent since mid-December.

This number explains a lot. Republicans love his mad rants and outrageous lies - or at least, they excuse them because he's advancing the Republican agenda. And the Republican-dominated national government - because it has a sub-30 percent approval rating even among Republicans - is terrified of crossing a leader with a 90 percent rating.

Where does this leave the rest of us, the large majority of the electorate (63 percent) that doesn't identify as Republican?

To quote the immortal Frank Zappa, we're not even #2.

If you don't mind, let's try to change this come November, shall we?