75 Amazing Gifts for Designers for Under 100$

We have collected 75 fantastic Christmas gifts for all you creative designers out there. And best of all, all of the gifts are affordable, with prices ranging from $10 to $100!

Ready? Let’s get started with our 2017 gift guide!

Timeless Clock Coaster


Timeless clock coasters

Never worry about time when you are with friends. Stacking these coasters introduces a different design.

Keyboard Coaster


Keyboard coaster

A simple coaster that will complement any kind of laptop or desktop on any kind of table.

USB Flash Drive 64 GB – Credit Card


USB flash drive credit card

Finally, a flash drive that can fit in your wallet! Gift for computer programmer friend?

Newton’s Cradle – 4.5 Inch, Contemporary


Newtons cradle

Aside from Newton’s Cradle being a cool addition to any desk, it also has a calming effect, which many web designers need several times a day.

iPad Paper Pad


iPad paper pad

Not an iPad, but an iPad Paper Pad. Just a cool pad to jot down anything, including paper prototyping – give this as a present!

Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball


Stress buster punching ball

Ah, yes, instead of punching a client or the boss, punch this ball instead. Or save your laptop from your wrath. Help save a friend or yourself from unemployment with this neat present!

Moleskine Folio Notebook


Moleskin folio notebook

One of the safest gifts to give to any professional, trust me. Writers, web designers and developers, marketers, you name it. All of them need a notebook.

Rhodia Grid Designer Book


Rhodia grid notebook

A perfect pad for designers. It has subtle dots that form grids for symmetrical sketches.

Mug Warmer


Mug warmer

Web designers tend to focus on their designs while their coffee gets cold…no more! Maybe your other half is an addicted coder, he will appreciate this mug warmer as his gift for sure!

Phillips Hue


Philips hue

Wireless personal lighting for your office or room that can be controlled using smartphones or tablets. No need to stand up just to turn off the lights. Hue, hue, hue.

Rechargeable USB Batter Pack


Battery pack – hand turbine

Now this backup battery pack is so cool because it comes with hand turbine power generator. Even if you don’t have access to electricity, you can generate power yourself!

Gadget addicts as designers definitely will love to get this as a gift on any occasion!

Pantone CAPSURE Color Matcher


Pantone capsure

Scan and capture colors and integrate on your design programs. It’s not sci-fi, it’s Pantone CAPSURE color matcher!

The Web Designer’s Idea Book


Web designers idea book

From the best selling series, this third installment of The Web Designer’s Idea Book is a must-have for every web designer – from beginners to masters.

MOMA MUJI 36 Colored Pencils


MOMA MUJI colored pencils

The best gift for designers and young creatives in general, including art students.

Social Media Pillows


Social media pillows

A perfect gift for social media enthusiasts and web designers. Why? Because no one can resist these fluffy pillows in today’s social media world!




Many web designers never see this mythical place called The Outside. Bring this Outside atop their desk! Get it here.

Retro Wired Headset


Retro wired headset

It’s not like someone will actually use this thing, but it’s a great gift nonetheless. Check it here.

Skullcandy Headphone


Skullcandy headphones

For the web designer who loves music, just take a look at those colors! Click here.




Ever wished of having an extra hand just to hold your phone where you want it to? Well, Spiderpodium solves that! You can twist its arms in several different ways to either make your phone stand on its own, cling to a railing, hang on your bike, and several more usages, the only limit is your imagination.

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design


The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

A great book as an amazing gift for beginners and people looking for direction in the web design industry.

3. Don’t Make Me Think


Don’t Make Me Think

The purpose of every design is to make it intuitive as much as possible, not just for desktops but also for mobile devices. This book tackles fresh perspectives on how web usability should be done. Check it here.

64GB SanDisk Memory Card


64 GB SanDisk memory card

The most popular memory card on Portable, it can save up to 64GB of data. A perfect gift for photographers, web designers, graphic artists, and just about anyone.

LED Fluorescent Message Board


LED fluorescent message board

A great addition to anyone’s nightstand either for cheer notes or for a to-do list the next morning. Be sure to check LED fluorescent message board.

Plasma Lightning Heart


Plasma Lightning Heart

Dazzling lightning patterns respond to touch and sound. Electric currents are transformed into rays of light that dance around the inside of a handcrafted glass heart. The plasma lightning can also be manipulated by the touch of your fingertips or the vibrations from music and other noise. This unique decoration is a fun addition to parties – place on a stereo speaker and watch the lightning respond to the sound.

Sony (4:3) Digital Photo Frame (Black)


Digital photo frame

Beautifully display your favourite pictures at home with the easy-to-use 8″1 LED backlit digital photo frame. Enjoy your photos as single images or as a slideshow using a variety of transition effects. For added convenience, you can even view a clock or calendar along with your pictures.

Docking Station


Converge Docking Station

A modern and neat Quirky Converage docking station for charging that will look great beside a Mac computer. Amazing gift for creative friend, who loves his gadgets.

MOMA Perpetual Calendar


Moma Perpetual Calendar

Another perpetual calendar. The first one was more of a natural and retro type while this one is modern and borderline sci-fi.

One of the best gifts for designers in my opinion!

Inkling Bamboo


Inkling Bamboo

Inkling Bamboo is effective for sketching and taking notes. The best part? Every stroke you make is recorded and can then be converted for digital use on Photoshop. Graphic designers would love to get their hands on this!

Boogie Board LCD Tablet


Boogie Board

I’m pretty sure that anyone who has enjoyed Etch-a-Sketch will find this gadget absolutely lovely. In fact, I just ordered one for my geek friend!

Pen Zen Bamboo Desk Organizer


Pen Zen Bamboo Desk Organizer

An organized desk reflects an organized mind, do you agree?

Cordies Cable Organizer


Cordies – Cable organizer

You don’t need to worry again with your cables being tied together. Maintain a neatly organized work space with this product.

3. Hedgehog and Pig Card Holder


Hedgehog and Pig cardholder

Hedgehog made of silicon that will help you hold your business cards in place.

Logitech Wireless Trackball


Logitech wireless trackball

We asked around and found out that this is the best mouse for designers. It has no lag, it’s very much responsive, built for comfort, and has several functions like back and forward navigations, a programmable button, thumb controlled trackball, and many more that no standard mouse has.

Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard


Sculpt keyboard

An ergonomic keyboard to help web designers protect their hands because it’s the only pair they will have for the rest of their lives!

Natico Ultimate Executive Decision Maker


Natico decision maker

Admit it, web designers are funnily crazy, and as a friend to one, you need to feed them with more crazy fuel! Natico decision maker, perfect!

Floppy Disk Sticky Notes


Floppy disk sticky notes

Go old school with these sticky notes! I guess this is the saying “Only 90s kids will get this.” come into play!

Floating Shelf


Floating shelf

A great home or office decoration! Stylish gift for graphic designers who appreciate attention to detail and simplicity. Check it here.

Portal 2 Sentry Turret – Motion Activated Desk Defender


Motion activated desk defender

Because every sane web designer has to protect their desks from intruders, right?? Order it here.

Magnetic Sculptures – Dolphins


Magnetic sculptures – dolphins

A great toy/design to tinker around to let the creative juice flow in during slow days.

3. Pantone Formula Designer Guide


Pantone formula designer guide

The BEST gift you can give to any designer, especially the ones who don’t bring their computers with them all the time!

Macbook Stand


Macbook stand

I really have no idea what’s the practical use for this stand, but I’ll include it here since it looks sleek and gifts should look sleek.

Pixelated Hand Shaped Mouse


Pixelated hand shaped mouse

It’s very ironic for a web designer to have this, yet I’m pretty sure they will love this. Ironic how? Many designers hate seeing individual pixels on their screens! Get yours here.

6. Coffee Cup Mist Humidifier


Coffee cup mist humidifier

A web designer friend lives or works in an arid place? That’s bad for the skin! Help combat this situation by giving them a humidifier!

Cyber Cleaning


Cyber clean

Well, keyboards won’t clean themselves, no? Cyber clean will help you.

Sauna Boy Portable Humidifier


Sauna boy

A much cuter humidifier, I have nothing else to add. I want this. Great gift for designers.

Adult Coloring Planner for 2016


Adult coloring planner

I can guarantee you every graphic or web designer will love this planner for year 2016. This will inspire designers to create, sketch something awesome themselves. Make your designer friend happy with this amazing gift!

Paper Email


Paper email notes

A fancy way to send notes to friends and colleagues, but personally I’ll use it to make fun of others. Get yours here.

3. i-Bridge Premium Desk Organizer


iBridge desk organizer

A neat desk organizer for any office or home office. It has a cup holder, a dock for phones, two USB ports, and an amazing…paper holder.

Mobile WebDesigner’s Idea Book


Mobile Webdesigner’s Idea Book

A spin-off of The Web Designer’s Idea Book, a best-selling series that focuses on great web designs. A book series that every web designers NEED to have.

External Battery Pack for Most Smartphones and Tablets


External battery pack

Because running out of battery is a very, very, scary thing, right? You’ll never know when you will need one! Check it here.

6. Doctor Who Vinyl Decal


Doctor Who Vinyl Decal

Doctor Who fans will love this decal quote in the form of TARDIS.

Masters of Poster Design


Masters of Poster Design

Very cool posters to design a rather plain room. Give that room some attitude!

Aroma Home Screen Wipe


Aroma Home Screen Wipe, Gorilla

Fun screen wipes with a chamois tummy will clean and reduce static on computer monitors, laptops and LCD screens. It has a zest of lemon fragrance which improves mental clarify and focus.

Don’t forget to share your gift ideas for other readers to see.

Balcony Desk


Balcony Desk

For the fresh air and sun lovers. Balcony desk is extremely useful if your web designer friend has a balcony, of course.

Blue Heart Rate Monitor


Heart rate monitor for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C & 4S and iPads

Web designers spend most of their day sitting. That’s bad for their health. Help them be healthier starting from their special day by making exercise fun!

With this heart rate monitor for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C & 4S and iPads, web designers will run several miles just to break their own records. Because, you know, web designers are competitive people!

1. The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog Cards