45 Fresh and Free High Quality Icons in PSD Format

Today, we bring you 45 fresh and high quality free icon sets in PSD format. These PSD files can be edited easily according to your individual needs or requirements. In fact, it is the ease of use that encourages even the most experienced designers to take a keen interest in free icon sets and PSDs.

So without further ado, here is the collection of icon sets. Enjoy!

Enjoy these High Quality Icons in PSD Format!

1. Address Book

Address Book

2. Alarm Clock Icon

Alarm clock icon

3. Lens Icon

Lens Icon

4. Briefcase Icon


5. Recycling Bin Icon

Recycling Bin Icon (PSD)

6. Academic Icon Set

Academic Icon Set

7. Push Button Icons

Push button icons (PSD)

8. Drawing Tools Icon

Drawing Tools Icon

9. Tick Mark Approved Clipboard Icon

Tick mark approved clipboard Icon (PSD)

10. Blank Note Oinned to Corkboard

Blank note pinned to corkboard

11. High Resolution Push Button Icon

High Resolution Push Button icon

12. Reeder Icons

Reeder Icons

13. Mobile App Icon Templates

Mobile App icon templates (PSD)

14. Pen Icon

Pen Icon

15. Sweet Social Icons

35 Sweet Social Icons

16. Citric Icons

Citric Icons

17. Voice Message Icon

Voice message icon (PSD)

18. Social Media Icons

15 free social media icons (PSD & PNG)

19. Pencil Icon

Pencil icon (Vector PSD)

20. Checklist Icon

Checklist Icon

21. iPod Shuffle Icon

iPod Shuffle Icon PSD (all 5 colors)

22. Inbox and Outbox Icons

Inbox and outbox icons

23. Contact Us Icon

Contact Us Icon

24. Tools Icon

Tools Icon

25. Password Protected Icon

Password protected icon (PSD)

26. Traffic Light Icon

Traffic Light Icon

27. Printer Icon

Printer Icon

28. Cup of Coffee Free Icon

Cup of Coffee Free Icon

29. Computer Scanner Icon

Computer scanner icon

30. Old Film Roll Icon

Old Film Roll Icon

31. Arrow Cursor

Arrow Cursor

32. Online Customer Support Icon

Online Customer Support Icon

33. Safe Icon

Safe Icon

34. Classic Clock Icon

Classic Clock Icon

35. Shipping Transport Icon

Free shipping Transport icon

36. Clown Icon

Clown Icon

37. Video Player Icon

Video Player Icon

38. Wallet Icon

Wallet Icon

39. Icon Template

Icon template

40. Macbook Air

Macbook Air - Fully Scalable PSD

41. Big Paper Clip

Big Paper Clip Psd

42. Battery Icon

Battery Icon PSD

43. Books Icon

Books Icon

44. Small Calendar Icons

Small Calendar Icons (PSD & PNG)

45. Microphone Icon

Microphone Icon


We hope you liked this collection of icon sets. Let us know what you think about this compilation via the comment section below.