40 Super Creative And Crazily Unique Web Designer Portfolios: 2012

There’s a saying that nobody’s going to do the work better than yourself. So who else might have the best looking, supernaturally coded and most outstanding websites than the designers themselves? A portfolio is a designer’s best friend and it’s crucial to have a great one in the contemporary world where everybody’s an artist. Content must be the one to speak, but packing is also important.

For this roundup we’ve prepared 40 beautiful and inspiring web designer portfolios that’ll take your breath away.Each design is different and has its own cutoffs but there are still some main trends that loom out.

Portfolio Tips

Show and tell

What’s the goal of having a portfolio? Of course, recognizability and nomination for web awards is important but most of the guys out there have a portfolio because they want to attract new costumers. Ask yourself what’s the best way to do it. Again beautiful eyes might work but I bet they’re still going to be interested in what you can actually do. If you look at the websites collected below you can see that a lot of them have large thumbnails, nice descriptions and plenty of space for viewing the project from a-z. Portfolio is for showcasing your work. Think about the best ways of doing it. Or simply check out the websites below.

Single page

Your portfolio doesn’t have to contain information about your credit line or political views (of course, it might be so). So a lot of portfolios in this article are built-in single page where navigation is powered by some type of accordion. Simple, easily browsable and efficient. You and your work. Still remember when people tried doing these things with flash.


Finally when browsers (sorry IE) more or less support CSS3 it’s time for those crazy developers to shine. Huge headlines, beautiful fonts and catchy slogans. Be creative and present yourself.


It all comes together. You can find only dark schemed websites in the list (dark doesn’t exclude minimalism). Whitespace is still trendy, I guess. Simple, clean, with clear message presented in beautiful type. That’s how designer portfolios look at the moment.

Web Designer Portfolios: 2012 Edition

1. Tyler Smith


Tyler Smith’s website is awesome starting from the refreshable header. Minimal, well-aligned and responsive design.

2. Filip Slovacek


Beautiful minimal website which really focuses on presenting designer’s work. Of course, a nominee for design awwwards.

3. Adam Coulombe


Big headlines, strong layout and awesome typography. Adam Coulombe really make great ideas happen.

4. Jeremy SallÈe


Took a notice of this design while searching for good icons (that’s right, Jeremy SallÈe also creates wonderful icons). Very popular layout but with few great tweaks.

5. Marc Thomas


Excellent color scheme and use of typography. I particularly love the navigation and it stays the same in mobile version.

6. Milan Chudoba


Bold headlines and beautiful grid of monochrome work thumbnails. Also a nominee for design awwwards.

7. Julien Renvoye


Clean design with clear message thanks to the typography.

8. Rich Dean


Portfolio focusing fully on showing off work. Navigation has some nice jQuery effects.

9. Marek Piatek


Simple grid-based layout with work in center. Also a decent list of CSS/web award featured in the footer.

10. Rosie Lee


Website might seem scattered at the first glance but I find it engaging and creative.

11. Danilo Marinaccio


Danilo Marinaccio uses bold headlines and pleasant colors and the overall effect is great.

12. Greg Thompson


It might look a bit clumsy at the beginning but there’s something appealing in this website. Huge typography is definitely trendy.

13. Alexis Garnier


Nice, pixel-perfect blog type portfolio, a nominee for design awwwward.

14. Rob Davis


Huge welcome sign, textured background, ribbons – all of it is still trendy. jQuery accordion menu makes it easy to navigate site.

15. Anders H. Mikkelsen


Minimal black and white design which just makes you click on those thumbnails.

16. Dawid Tomczyk


One of the few dark schemed websites in list. Navigation powered with horizontal accordion. A thing I don’t like though is the full size portfolio view.

17. Aleks Faure


Subtle and well aligned design which makes you feel like home. Be sure to check About page, it’s awesome.

18. Fitz Fitzpatrick


Kind of like standard layout but with really creative solutions.

19. Lassi Vehvilinen


Clean and minimal layout with all accents on showcasing designer’s work.

20. Ljuk Mynus Kovac


Cool single page layout powered with vertical accordion. Plus a great use of textures and typography

21. Casey Britt


22. Phil Martinez


23. Jesper Dahlqvist


24. Kardo Ayoub


25. Joanna Ostafin


26. Hugo Socie


27. Mathieu Debruyere


28. David Hellmann


29. Christian Mezˆfi


30. Alexander Munk


31. Jan Mense


32. Rodolphe CÈlestin


33. Pierre Georges


34. Denise Chandler


35. Simon Foster


36. Robbie Manson


37. Andy Mangold


38. Hannah Dollery


39. James Lutley


40. Damian Simpkins


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