40 Free Photoshop Actions For Vintage Effect

By using Photoshop Actions, designers can easily replicate repeating steps and save their time. Furthermore, with the help of Photoshop Actions one can easily edit photographs and can create beautiful art work.

In this round up, we have put together a useful collection of some time saving and free Photoshop Actions for creating visually appealing vintage effects. We hope that you will find these Actions useful for your work.

How to Create an Action in Photoshop

Creating Photoshop Actions is very easy. You only have to open up the Actions palette in Photoshop then you can click on the New Action button as seen in the picture.

A new window will open that gives you different options for creating Photoshop Actions. Now, name the Action and place it in a set. For quick access, you can create a shortcut to your created Action. This shortcut will help you activate your Action quickly. Creating shortcut to your created Photoshop Action will save your time.

Now, click on the “Record” button and your desired Action will start recording. One thing to keep in mind here is that steps like selection sizes, saving and other specific steps will be duplicated exactly. Therefore, be careful and keep your step generic so that you can apply your action to a vast variety of images.

Click on the Stop button that is present in the Action menu. You can click the Play button if you want to apply the Action to another file.

Installing Photoshop Actions

You can easily install Photoshop Actions and there are many ways to do it. The simplest one is to drag the downloaded actions into the “Actions” folder present in Presets folder in your Photoshop application folder. In order to finish the installation process you need to restart your Photoshop application.

Another way to install Photoshop Actions is to use the little arrow on the right of the actions menu and click Load Actions option.

Free Photoshop Action Sets

1. Photoshop Vintage Action IV

Photoshop vintage action IV

2. Actions – Vintage

Actions - Vintage

3. Vintage Summer Action

Photography Actions Bundle

4. Faiis – ’80s

Faiis - '80s

5. Violet Delight

Violet delight

6. Photoshop Vintage Action III

Photoshop vintage action III

7. Love Everywhere – Vintage Action

Love Everywhere -Vintage Action

8. Vintage Effect

Vintage effect

9. Vintage II By Scott Metts

Vintage II By Scott Metts

10. Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions

11. Beach Vintage

Beach vintage

12. SweetPea Country Vintage PS Action

SweetPea Country Vintage PS action

13. Sun Kissed Photoshop Actions

Sun Kissed Photoshop Actions

14. Vintage ATN – Free Sample

Vintage ATN - Free Sample

15. Buttercream Vintage Action

Buttercream Vintage Action

16. Vintagefeeling


17. Photoshop vintage Actions

Photoshop vintage actions

18. Hand-colored Vintage Photo ATN

Hand-colored Vintage Photo ATN

19. Vintage Action Set 4

Vintage action set 4

20. Vintage By Scott Metts

Vintage By Scott Metts

21. Vintage Action Works for HQ

Vintage Action Works for HQ

22. Vintage Photoshop Action

Vintage Photoshop Action

23. Vintage Actions

Vintage actions

24. Sa-cool Actions 1.05

Sa-cool actions 1.05

25. Classic 3.8 (4 actions)

Classic 3.8 (4 actions)

26. Action 009 “RETRO SPLASH”

Action 009

27. Summer Heat Action

Summer Heat Action

28. Magical Effect 4.2

Magical effect 4.2

29. Vintage Action Pack

Vintage Action Pack

30. Vintage Actions

Vintage Actions

31. Abbi Action

Abbi action

32. Pink Vintage Photoshop Action

Pink Vintage Photoshop Action

33. Vintage Film Effect

Vintage Film Effect

34. Vintage II – PS Actions

Vintage II - PS Actions

35. InFection


36. Photoshop Action 9 Pack

Photoshop Action 9 Pack

37. Old Black and White

Old Black and White

38. Vintage Dream PS Actions

Vintage dream ps actions


In this collection, you have seen some useful and time saving Photoshop Actions for vintage effects. With these Photoshop Actions, you can easily and quickly create amazing vintage effects in your artworks. We hope that you will like this collection. Do let us know what you think about this compilation. Enjoy!