2,000 kids and counting…

2,000 kids and counting...

by digby

Jeff Sessions and the rest of the fascistic nativists of the Trump administration, including the president, have made it clear that they are separating families to punish children so that people will stop coming to the US to work or to seek asylum. He calls it "deterrence" and says that it's not his fault if the kids are traumatized. Apparently, it's their fault because they picked the wrong parents or made the mistake of being born in a "shithole country" that is overwhelmed by violence. (If these kids were any good they'd have been born American, amirite?)

The news is that nearly 2,000 kids have been forcibly separate from parents in the month of May. Who knows how many more since then. We do know that they are running out of space and are talking about setting up some concentration camps at military bases to house them all.

The addled president keeps blathering on about how the Democrats are to blame  and have to pass a new bill but all he has to do is change the policy back to what it was before his neo-confederate punching bag decided to change it. Republicans have a bill they are trying to get passed but the dotard said this morning that he won't sign it because well, nobody knows. He obviously was doing his elaborate hairstyle while they talked about it on Fox and Friends this morning so he doesn't know what he's supposed to think.

Anyway, here's the run down on the GOP bill from NBC. It's not good.

And here's Jeff Sessions smirking his way through a despicable statement on the issue quoting the Bible verses that were last used in American public discourse to justify slavery.