...Said The Guy Who Blocked Me For Asking Pointed Questions

From last October:
On The Occasion of Joe Scarborough Admitting That The Left Was Right About The Right All Along...

...during a panel discussion featuring an entire parade of Republican horribles who have spent their entire adult lives creating the Republican monster factory that produced Trump and now swear that none of them ever had the slightest fucking idea what was really going on inside their Republican Party...

...Rick Wilson finally blocked me on The Twitter for the egregious sin of pointing out over and over again that the Left has been right about the Right all along. 
Rick Wilson will spend endless hours amusing himself online punching down at mentally underclocking MAGA stumblebums with 10 followers.   Rick Wilson will while away even more hours online calling Respected Blue Check Republican rage monsters funny names.  But Rick Wilson has never had the guts to field any of the pointed and obvious questions I have sent his way over the past couple of years. Questions about his culpability for the madness he now pretends he had no hand in.  Questions about the ethics of looting the Liberal critique of the GOP from 1998 and selling it back to credulous Centrists as breathless epiphany in 2018.

You know, stuff like that.

This is the lifeboat we all said the Brain Caste of the GOP would build for itself to preserve their careers and privileges.  This is what it looks like -- a Mercedes SL-Class version of the old, reliable Bush Off Machine, now re-purposed for the Age of Trump.  And they don't want any Libtard troublemakers with long memories and inconvenient questions fucking it up for them.

And so, for asking these very basic questions on behalf of every Libtard who has been slandered as an America-hating coward and traitor and moonbat for decades for the unpardonable sin of being right about the Right all along, Mr. Wilson has now joined Matthew Dowd, Charlie Sykes and Jonah Goldberg in blocking me...
A lesson to all you younger bloggers out there: if you want to make past the rope line and get in on any national conversation of material important (or, more critically, provoke a conversation on a vital subject you believe is being ignored), eventually you absolutely must get yourself byline at some brick-and-mortar media outfit or think tank somewhere, or some personal friend inside the business willing to promote your material.

Sad but true.

Because with very rare exceptions, it doesn't matter how right you are or how well you write.  In fact, your talent will work against you because no career media professional can afford to have their rep damaged by be publicly slobbersknockered --

-- by some nobody blogger from nowhere. 

All that matters is how ouchlessly you can be dismissed.

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