Today In Both Sides Do It: The Nice Polite Republicans Strike Again

At some point after the corporate media sent journalism to the cornfield, the Nice Polite Republicans (NPR) of the Tote Bag Media figured out that the safest place for them spiritually and financially was far above in all, on a cloud of pure, transcendent Both Siderism -- floating so high above everything that it would no longer be possible to make out the basic facts of anything.  They have cultivated an attitude of aloof, reflexive aversion to even the appearance of taking sides that is now so deeply rooted in the NPR culture that if you flip over any rock anywhere in that world you're like as not going to find a story that has been brutally amputated in some crucial way to fit within NPR's Procrustean "Both Sides Do It" Bed

So, for example, (h/t Alter Tweeter Irrevent Duo) today we find the NPR-distributed program, About 1A, espousing what has what is indeed the Worst Take Ever On HR 1 Voting Rights (via Crooks & Liars(:

"Democrats in the House are trying to introduce HR1, which would expand and protect voting rights, however Republicans claim it would increase voter fraud, and we just saw a huge voter fraud scandal in North Carolina."

Think happy thoughts.




That huge voter fraud scandal in North Carolina?

It was committed by Republicans.

And yet this absolutely central fact is casually lopped off so a story about voter fraud will fit into the Both Siderist coffin which the reporter had already built.


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