QOTD: Tucker Carlson

QOTD: Tucker Carlson

by digby

He gave an interview with a Swiss publication and it's just creepy. He comes down on Trump but it's because he isn't efficient enough at enacting fascist policies. This is who he is:

“I mean let me just be clear. I'm not against an aristocratic system. I'm not against a ruling class. I think that hierarchies are natural, people create them in every society. I just think the system that we have now, the meritocracy, which is based really on our education system, on a small number of colleges has produced a ruling class that doesn't have the self-awareness that you need to be wise. I'm not arguing for populism, actually. I'm arguing against populism. Populism is what you get when your leaders fail. In a democracy, the population says this is terrible and they elect someone like Trump.”

“The EU has been doomed since the first day because it's inconsistent with human nature. The reason we have nation states is because people wanted them, it's organic. A nation-state is just a larger tribe and it's organized along lines that make sense. They evolved over thousands of years. To ignore it and destroy it because you think that you've got a better idea, is insane!”

I guess he hasn't heard about how the "United States of America" came together. Someone should send him a book about it.

Also, Democrats are the party of elites who hate the middle class and he's now an isolationist since he got his lovely little wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I had always thought he was just a careerist who went with the flow and maybe that's what it is. But that means "the flow" is sheer, unadulterated, authoritarian, white nationalism (or to put it in simpler terms --- fascism) and it's not attached to Trump, at least in his mind. The whole interview sent a chill down my spine.