Area Drunk Blames Fifth DUI on the Repeal of Prohibition

Having spent his entire adult life steeped in the goose-stepping, Hate Radio/Fox News-driven, policy-free conformity of the GOP, it is perhaps understandable that Tom Nichols would become confused and exhausted in the presence of a diverse political party debating actual, substantive issues.

And of course if there is one thing Never Trump Republicans hate more than dirty, ill-mannered Liberals, it's dirty, ill-mannered Liberals who have the fucking temerity to being up the history of their Republican Party to remind them of just how we got into this fuck mess in the first place:
But strangely enough, on this point Tom and I are in complete agreement.  Tom Nichols' Republican Party should definitely have been politically curb-stomped into oblivion decades ago. 

Because, to quote Peter Clemenza, you gotta stop 'em at the beginning:

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